How to Win - Chapter 1

Hiya. Welcome to Chapter 1.

To advance the game, tap/click inside the Game Window, or press Space Bar.
To make text appear quicker, just tap/click/spacebar again as it’s coming up.

(You may need to wait a moment for the game to load below)

We recommend viewing this game within a desktop browser.
You may encounter some problems on smartphones and other devices.

A more smartphone/tablet friendly version of the game can be found HERE,
but please note we can’t guarantee full functionality for all devices.

If you’re having trouble loading the game, we recommend clearing your cache, turning off any adblocking software, and/or switching to a different browser.
If you’re still having trouble, drop us an email at and we’ll do what we can to help.

Voting is now closed for Chapter 2!

And our winner is:


Sent to us by 'Mr. Zoom'

Chapter 2 will be available later this July.

Please keep note of this webpage address, and your password.
This will be all you need to access future chapters.
(We recommend ‘bookmarking’ this page if possible.)

Thank you for playing.

During the COVID crisis, we have also made two of our live shows available on video.

These videos are available free of charge.

But if you would like to support Hidden Track’s work, or would like to change the amount you have paid for this experience,
please feel free to buy another ticket for How to Win from HOME’s website. All funds received are split between Hidden Track, and the HOME Response fund.

Created by Hidden Track, in association with Harrogate Theatres and HOME as part of Homemakers Live.

Artwork and Programming by Cael O’Sullivan
Written by Elliot Hughes
Directed by Anoushka Bonwick
Music by Foz Foster
Produced by Beccy Smith
‘The Monitaur’ created by Jasper East

Special thanks to Porl Cooper, Hannah Draper, Jason Crouch, Jude Christian, Kevin Jamieson, Ellie Page, Joe Brownbridge, Tosca Bell, Maia Horsman-Baniel, Martin Tasker.

To check out ‘CAGE’, another game by Cael O’Sullivan, click here: