Greater Manchester

Population: 2.822 million
GDP (Value created): £62 billion per year
CO2 emissions: 2.1m tonnes per year

GDP Per Capita (Value Per Person):

No. of multi-millionaires:

Richest man:
John Whittaker, Worth £2.2 billion

Richest woman:
Carol Kane, Worth £123 million

Estimated revenue lost to tax evasion:
£1,534,110,000 per year

CO2 emissions per person:
0.744 tonnes per year

People living in poverty: 620,000

Official number of unemployed: 72,000

Average salary (male): £42,200

Average salary (female): £33,300

Benefit Cap
(for a couple with multiple children):
£384.62 a week (£20,000 a year)

This is what our current Manchester looks like in depressing words and numbers.

The wage gaps get wider every year, and we’re slowly destroying the planet.

This isn’t a system that is broken.
This is a system based on perpetual growth, working exactly as it’s supposed to.

We need to find a new system, for a new Manchester.