The Garage

This is a place that can make me feel calm, relaxed & focused.

And sometimes absolute rage!!

Plague Town

Plague Town used to have a different name.
No-one remembers what it was.

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Plague Town
The Old Power Station The Balloon The Golden Toilet The Church Hospital The Garage The Lake Bad Jokes Inc. The Forgotten Mine The Demon Hairdressers The Stables The Police Station

The Old Power Station

The Old Power Station keeps chugging along.

Strange smoke keeps streaming out of the chimneys, mysterious noises keep ringing out from inside, and whatever it's doing, the electricity seems to be working, so that's... good?

No-one knows who's working there though. No-one's seen anyone come in or outside. And no-one knows who's running it.

Someone suggested it was run by Bad Jokes Inc. But they were wrong. You don't make jokes in a power station. Quite stupid suggestion really.

The Balloon

Someone is hiding up there in the Balloon.

We tried to ask him why. But he couldn't hear us. He's too high up.

The Golden Toilet

The fabled golden toilet of Plague Town.

You are not ready to hear the story of the Golden Toilet. It is too powerful, too inspiring, too hilarious. You wouldn't be able to take it.

Should this be in a residential area? Not sure. But it is.

"The plague is so bad, that we've run out of toilet paper and had to use lettuce leaves.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!!"
- This Joke brought to you by the good people at Bad Jokes Inc.

The Church

You are not allowed in the church yet.

You can hear some noises in there... they sound like... well, you don't recognise these hymns. They sound strange. You can make out a few words... something about 'making Plague Town great again', and a mysterious messiah with a short temper and otherworldly hair.

They don't like losers in this church, you can work out that much. And there's a lot of... robes. And fire. Weird.


The Hospital was very, very busy for a very, very long time.

Then it lost control. Now it's... well. It's used for something else now.

The Lake

The unnamed lake used to be a place of tranquility and crystal clear waters.

It also used to have a name.

Bad Jokes Inc.

"2 fish are in a tank.
One says to the other... can you drive this thing?"

A good joke can make someone laugh for a moment.

Bad jokes can make you groan and shake your head for a lifetime.

Bad Jokes Inc. create the lowest quality Bad Jokes in the world. Dad jokes, uncle jokes, knock knock jokes, awful puns, riddles that make no sense, limericks that don't rhyme properly... the lists goes on and on and on. Until it's not funny anymore. And then a bit longer. Then it gets funny for a bit. Then it keeps going. And going. And going.

What do you call a bad joke that gets good? A success.

The Forgotten Mine

There used to be a mine somewhere around here. We think. Not quite sure where. But it was around here...ish. Some people went out to look for it. They didn't come back. Or did they?

How do you get there? Don't know. Someone said that they had a secret tunnel to the mine in their garage. But they were wrong. Or forgot where the tunnel was.

What do they mine in The Forgotten Mine?

We don't remember.

The Police Station

Plague Town's still mostly operational and highly colourful police station.

The home of the... 'distinguished' Inspector Goole. Well, not actually his home. Although he does spent a lot of time there.

Inspector Goole is out right now, but we can release more information from his files soon. Check back later.