The Price of Everything

What would you pay to change everything? What would it cost the stay the same?

The Price of Everything is an interactive performance/game show for simultaneous live and oniline players which interrogates the cost of living in Lancaster, and gives you the chance to change how your city works, and who your city works for.

Lancaster has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Rents have gone up. There’s less social housing. And more people in food and fuel poverty than ever before. Is this how things have to be? Or are there ways to change how Lancaster is run?

You can choose to join us in person, or watch from home via livestream.

Those with us in person will be our key workers – helping us to build new houses, grow new food, work in factories, either from your seat or playing with us on stage.
Those who watch the livestream will be our remote workers – playing from home, keeping an outside eye on how things are going, and voting on what we should do next. 

However you decide to play, you will have the power to completely change where we go, what we build, and where our priorities lie.

Can we make a city that works for everyone?

Directed by Anoushka Bonwick
Written by Elliot Hughes

Performed by Emma MacLennan, Janelle Thompson, Elliot Hughes

Produced by Veronika Diamond
Technical Support by Jason Crouch & Richard Addlesee
Graphic Design by Pencil Bandit

Commissioned by The Dukes, Lancaster as part of The Dukes 50th Anniversary.

Supported by Arts Council England.