How to Win - Chapter 3

A message from the rebellion

Hey. Well done finding me.

The rebellion needs your help.
BtM have taken over the media.
Dragon Susan has hijacked the votes.
Funbo has trapped the Fungineer inside Paradise Mountain,
forcing them to create Fun against their will. 

Chapter 4 will be our final chapter.

This will be the rebellion’s last chance to strike back before BtM get to completely control our ending.
If we’re going to succeed, we will need everyone’s help.

We need suggestions.

What do you want to happen in our final chapter?

How should we get through the Funwall?
How should we deal with Funbo?
Who should get a happy ending?

Your suggestions will give us the power to make things happen.
The more you give us the better, because we’re going to try and do
as many suggestions as we can.

This is your final chance to make a difference.

How do you want our story to end?