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We've been speaking to a lot of exciting activists, experts and radical economists about practical ways we can beat the Cost of Living crisis, and try and change our society for the better.
Here's a few resources we think are worth having a look at if you'd like to get a better idea of how the economy works, and if you'd like to get involved with other organisations who are working for positive change.

Explainer Videos

The Social Guarantee

The Social Guarantee are a UK organisation who campaign to make sure that everyone can have their basic needs met.

Their YouTube channel has a number of easy, bitesize videos with some great explainers on inspiring, progressive policies ranging from a social guarantee for housing, to a fair tax system, to green public transport networks.

Unlearning Economics

Unlearning Economics is a YouTube channel which takes a critical academic look at the flaws in modern economic theory, how economics is taught, and also what workable alternate models we can use instead.

Gary's Economics

Gary’s Economics is a YouTube channel focused on teaching people about real world economics run by Gary Stevenson, former city trader turned wealth equality activist.

The channel gives economics explainers designed for real people to break down a range of concepts from wealth, to tax, to recession, and what money actually even is.


What’s that, we’re talking about The Social Guarantee again?
Yes we are, because they’re ace.

The Social Guarantee do a huge amount of work on multiple fronts to help advocate for and bring about Universal Basic Services.

They do this through public and political discussion on policy, creating alliances and networks among local practitioners and national policymakers, and building knowledge about all aspects of the Social Guarantee, including examples of good practice and data on costs and benefits.

Learn more about their work, and how you can get involved, via their website.

The Women’s Budget Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that monitors the impact of government policies on men and women. They put forward policies for a more gender equal future and build the capacity of women and women’s groups to participate in economic debates.

They put feminism into economics and economics into feminism.

They run several projects that work to build the capacity of women’s organisations as well as national and international campaigning organisations and other equality groups.

Find out more at their website.

NEON offer hands-on support and training for campaigners, organisers, communications and operations teams working across social movements.

They support over 1,000 organisers and campaigners across the UK working on everything from anti-racism to environment and housing activism. They work together to accelerate social movements through training, relationship building, incubation, and infrastructure support. 

As well as more info on the work they do, their website contains a free, practical collection of toolkits, resources and guides they’ve written for organisers to accompany their courses on everything from organisational strategy to operations and media work.

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies are a Manchester-based charity working towards a future where local economies benefit people, place and the planet.

This will happen when wealth and power serve local people, rather than the other way around, enabling communities to flourish. They have an international reputation for their pioneering work on community wealth building (sometimes known as ‘The Preston Model’) and are recognised as the curators of the movement in the UK.

They act as a critical friend to local economies, by working with the economic actors in places to bring them together, connect them to progressive agendas, devise solutions and deliver change.

Change the Rules is a project from the New Economics Foundation to map local, community and other initiatives to build a more democratic and sustainable economy, and showcase the policies to make this happen.

Use their website to discover inspiring projects across the UK and the rules we need to changeto build a better future.

You may argue that this is a shameless final plug, and you would be very correct to argue that.

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