How to Win

Hello. Welcome to our game.

How to Win is an anarchic adventure game where anyone who plays can decide the rules of the world, and which direction our story goes.

In the summer of 2020, we asked our players what the rules of our game should be, and if they could imagine a world in which everyone could win.

We were given hundreds of suggestions and ideas, and we put the best ones to a public vote.

Whatever they decided, WHATEVER it was, that was the world we made next.

Winning suggestions included:

  • Make the Most Money in the World
  • Invest all our money in a potato-based pyramid scheme.
  • Slay the Billionaire Dragon
  • Brand new character: The Great Elephant of the North
  • Brand new character: A monster drawn by a 5-year-old
  • stealth ninja style
  • Take over the media and spread propaganda.
  • Run away and join the circus.

The result was… chaos.

Our 2021 remaster of all five chapters is available to download now on Steam and, with some brand new scenes, stories and little details to put everything in context.

The 2020 originals are available to play in browser here.

Explore the world we made, find out how it ended… then tell us what to do different in Season Two.
Whatever you decide, that’s what happens next.

Created by multi-award winning theatre company Hidden Track, and indie game dev Cael O’Sullivan. Commissioned by Harrogate Theatres and HOME, Manchester.

Created by Hidden Track, in association with Harrogate Theatres and HOME
as part of Homemakers Live.

How to Win: Season One is now on Steam!

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