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What would it take to change everything? What would it cost to stay the same?

The Cost of Everything is an interactive performance/game show for simultaneous live and online players which interrogates the cost of living crisis by building a brand new model city, live on stage.

You can choose to join us in person, or play from home via livestream.

Can we find a way out of the cost of living crisis?

Past Shows:

Everyone is invited into a large, clear space. The floor is empty. Then we draw the line.

Drawing the Line is an interactive theatre experience combining storytelling, gaming and group decision-making. The line divides the audience into two rival nations. Each side determines how their nation grows.

Oh, and one last thing. Only one nation gets to survive.

There are two types of ticket. Everyone gets a Standard ticket. You have to earn an Elite ticket.

Together, we’re going to tell a story… of a girl from Lowground spun from spider webs, and a boy from Highground carved out of clouds. Standards work to build the story, Elites control which path the story takes. That’s fair, right?

Standard:Elite is a playful, interactive theatre experience about class, privilege, and social mobility that’s accessible and, above all, fun.

There are two types of ticket. There aren’t two types of people.

An immersive experience for family audiences.

Fox is holding a blindfold race. Badger’s selling secrets. Pigeon’s teaching people to steal. Snail invites you to sit and chat. You choose who to follow.

A 10-15 minute experience for one person. Don’t worry, you’ll be complete safe.

‘It is said that in the deepest, darkest places – the nooks and crannies that no-one’s been in a long time, that is where we are closest to the unknown. Thank you for coming. This is the best place to create our story.’

Performed at the Contact Theatre as part of Pull Your Finger Out’s Contact Compacts #3.

A worker and his supervisor have the task of moving boxes from one place to another. However, new policies and notes from upstairs are making matters somewhat more complicated.

An intimate performance for one or two people at a time, Told in Confidence is a gentle reflection on the taboos and stigma surrounding mental health.

‘I am going to tell you a story that I never tell anyone. But it’s okay to tell you, because I don’t know who you are.’

A promenade performance for family audiences created for Chorlton Park, Manchester in association with Chorlton Arts Festival.

The Sun God’s greatest treasure has been stolen. Devious Witches prowl the land. The Stranger slinks through the shadows. A new world is waking as the sun goes down.

Performed as part of Contact Theatre’s Not Another Festival.

We invite you through the forbidden corridors and to all the places it’s against the rules to go. There you will create your balloon, and take them on a journey towards the sky. But balloons are very fragile creatures. It’s your job to keep them safe.

A piece performed entirely in darkness at the Roundhouse Theatre.

An exploration of the rhythms and sounds that make up language, all built on a simple emotional tale of a man and a woman with everything else stripped away.

An urban fairytale told by five audience members with no performers on the stage.

The story is told by five lucky audience members, following instructions hidden on the stage, played through sound, and shown on a screen. But who left these instructions? And can every instruction be trusted?