Fox is holding a blindfold race. Badger’s selling secrets. Pigeon’s teaching people to steal. Snail invites you to sit and chat. You choose who to follow.

Fox, Badger, Pigeon and Snail represent society’s unheard voices. They want you to listen and to follow. The team with the most followers wins. Winners decide the ending.

Scavengers incorporates multiple levels of engagement. There is a central performance area where you are free to sit and watch. Characters move in and out, creating a structured narrative-led performance.

When characters leave this space you’re invited to follow to secret hideaways. You’ll receive bribes, games and secret tasks to gather team followers – then mark out territory, pass out propaganda, and sabotage your opponents.

Get involved with the story, or with the action. Either way, you must choose a side. Only one side wins, and winners get their voices heard.

Audience feedback:

‘It transcended generations.’​

‘Loads of fun, and very relevant.’

‘Great attention to detail - loved the badges!’

‘It was funny, down to earth, meaningful, and men wore tails.’

‘I came for the art, I stayed for the snail.’

From 50+ audience surveyed:

100% found it easy to partake in audience interaction.

100% would recommend to friends.

40% went to the theatre once a year or rarely.

More than 20% had never been to an outdoor performance before.

Written by Elliot Hughes
Directed by Anoushka Bonwick

Badger: Elliot Hughes
Fox: Joe Brownbridge
Pigeon: Victoria Tunnah
Snail: Steph Reynolds

Music by The Kraken Celidh Band

Graphic Design by Cael O’Sullivan
Photography by David Jennings & Keita Darby

Scavengers has been performed in St. Anne’s Square, Manchester, supported by Word of Warning, and on Chorlton Green, supported by Chorlton Arts Festival.