Drawing the Line

Everyone is invited into a large, clear space. The walls are lined with spare parts, materials, stuff.
The floor is empty. Then we draw the line.

Drawing the Line is an interactive theatre experience combining storytelling, gaming and group decision-making. The line divides the audience into two rival nations. Each side determines how their nation grows.

You can sit back and enjoy as the story unfolds, or you can wave flags, build cities, sing the national anthem, even defend your nation on the battlefield. All interaction is voluntary, and whatever you decide to do, you will be a celebrated citizen of your world.

Oh, and one last thing. Only one nation gets to survive.

Camden People’s Theatre, Sun 17th Mar, 7:15pm
as part of SPRINT 2019, CPT’s annual festival of adventurous new performance.

Full performance debut:
Deptford Lounge, 9-25th May (Thu, Fri, Sat), 7:30pm
as part of The Albany’s Rebels season.

Produced with The Albany, in association with alt space and Oxford Playhouse.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.