An urban fairytale told by five audience members with no performers on the stage.

This is the story of a Coyote who fell in love with the Moon.

It’s a tale of romance, mystery and adventure as Coyote encounters the Tricksters. He seeks out Anansi the Spider, follows Eshu of the Crossroads, all the while pursued by agents of the Department for the Protection of How Things Should Be.

It’s a dead exciting story, honest.
The trouble is, no-one seems to be around to tell it…

Written and Produced by Elliot Hughes

Participants: Joe Wright, Michael Liam Dolan, Anna Chessher, Natalia Massucco & Joseph Brownbridge

Coyote: Jonathan Cobb
Moon: Jasmine Blackborow
System: Xanthe Patterson

Department Agents: Thomas Wingfield, Nicholas Aldrich, Eliot Ruocco-Trenouth, Josh Allan & Jack Carmichael

Artwork by Andy Lavelle & Eliot Ruocco-Trenouth

Thanks to Chess Roberts, Poppy Hiscox, James Anderson, Tom Moran, Anoushka Bonwick, Scott Brown & Minotaur Theatre Company.

Shown as a Work-in-Progress sharing at the Minotaur Shorts Festival 2011.