A worker and his supervisor have the task of moving boxes from one place to another. However, new policies and notes from upstairs are making matters somewhat more complicated.

"Brought the house down. Boxes will surprise and delight you. I defy you to leave without a smile on your face after you’ve seen this." ★★★★

Steven Ireland – The Good Review

"Crowd-pleasing style... that dares to challenge the validity of political theatre."

David Cunningham – Manchester Theatre Awards

"The best saved till last [at Contact Compacts]... captures societal attitudes of class in ways that would escape more traditional formatting and has the room in stitches."

Nathan McIlroy – Now Then Manchester

Written by Elliot Hughes
Directed by Ruby Thompson

Supervisor – Julie Burrow
Worker – Frazer Hammill
Purple Shirt – Victoria Tunnah

Produced by Pull Your Finger Our Productions

Performed at the Contact Theatre as part of Pull Your Finger Out‘s Contact Compacts #3