Jobs - Company Producer

Award-winning game-based theatre company Hidden Track are currently looking for a new Company Producer to support an R&D process for our new show ‘The Price of Everything’ over Nov 2021 – April 2022; with a view to then supporting this production in its future touring and development, and joining our core company team on a long-term basis.

Hidden Track have an established practice of creating critically acclaimed, ground-breaking interactive work, playing with its audience in exciting new ways both live and online.

This stage of the project is already fully funded and planned. Through this production we will be developing our creative process, and R&Ding a brand new show – culminating in a simultaneous live and online w-i-p sharing at The Dukes, Lancaster in April 2022. We would like to use this process to bring on board a new long-term company producer as our existing producer steps back to take on a less hands on and more strategic relationship with the company. A full handover will be part of the project’s work.

We are looking for someone with experience producing and touring small-to-medium scale theatre for traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces, and an interest in working long-term with theatre companies creating original, unconventional and ideally political work.

Responsibilities for this stage of the project will include:

  • Communication, co-ordination, and collaboration with the full company team, including company directors, writer, performers, production team, and graphic & digital designers.
  • Communication with external company partners including host venue, community groups, and future programmers/promoters.
  • Budget and cashflow management, in close communication with the company directors.
  • Liaising with community partners for company outreach and research.
  • Contracting performers and creatives, and supporting company directors with matters of HR and team wellbeing.
  • Co-ordinating marketing strategy with host venue, community partners, graphic designers, and company social media.
  • Reaching out to new partners including venues, programmers and promoters.
  • Following up leads and evaluation at the end of the project.

Future responsibilities as Company Producer will include:

  • Supporting the company directors with bid writing and funding applications.
  • Tour booking and liaising with programmers/venue partners.
  • Developing future marketing and audience development strategies.
  • Contributing to overall artistic strategy of the company as we continue to expand and create new work.

We are looking for someone who has:

  • A track record of successful funding bids through Arts Council England and other funding bodies.
  • Experience booking and managing tours of small-to-medium scale theatre in traditional and non-traditional spaces.
  • A passion for interactive work, and innovative approaches to theatre.
  • Strong organisational skills, and a great attention to detail.
  • Experience working flexibly with different forms and scales of theatre.
  • A genuine desire to reach diverse groups of artists and audiences – particularly people who think that theatre is ‘not for them’.

The company directors are based in Manchester and London, and our current company producer is based in Brighton. As such, we are very familiar with and open to different ways of remote working, and so invite applications from across the UK.

The show:

The Price of Everything will be an interactive performance/gameshow for simultaneous live and online audiences that explores how life and the cost of living have changed over recent decades, and invites participants to play through ideas about how their city could change in the future. Online audiences will play the role of ‘remote workers’, making live decisions on how their city should change, while our live audience will be our ‘key workers’ carrying out the required labour through games played live on stage.

Through this R&D process, we will be focused on developing the games and systems that will form the core of that show, culminating in a work-in-progress sharing at The Dukes. After this stage of the project is over, we will be looking to develop the piece into a larger touring show, which will adapt to each new city it visits.

The fee:

We are offering a fee of £1,500 for approximately 10-15 days flexible work over the course of this project. (To be discussed based on experience/availability). You will be employed on a freelance contract and responsible for your own Tax and NI. We are open to discussion around flexible timescales and ways of working.

To apply, please send a CV and a Cover Letter to

In your Cover Letter, please tell us a little bit about your experience with interactive theatre, why you would like to work with Hidden Track, and anything else you think it would be useful for us to know.

Deadline for applications is 12pm, Monday 25th October.
We will be holding interviews via zoom over the following two weeks.

If you would like to become more familiar with Hidden Track’s work, videos of some of our past shows can be found at, and our online game ‘How to Win’ can be played at

If you have any questions about the role or the application/interview process, please just drop us a message on