Tell us about YOUR Lancaster!

Hi there. Hidden Track are coming to Lancaster, and we want YOU to tell us about your city.

As part of The Dukes, Lancaster’s 50th anniversary celebration, we’re looking at how Lancaster can change over 50 years, and we want to hear your memories of Lancaster’s past, and hopes for Lancaster’s future.

Whatever you share with us will be used as part of our brand new theatre game ‘The Price of Everything‘, coming to The Dukes in April 2022.

We've got two ways you can give us your thoughts:

The easy form:

We have three simple questions for you. Send us whatever you want 🙂

How has Lancaster changed in your lifetime?

What's life in Lancaster like now?

How would you like to change Lancaster in the future?

The HARDCORE form:

This form asks a few more questions, goes into more detail, and asks you to make some tough decisions about how Lancaster should be run.

Give it a try, IF YOU DARE!!!

See, we can make filling in a form sound fun, right? …right???

As a thank you for helping us out, we'd also like to give you access to some of our past live shows and online games, for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Check out our trailers, decide what you like the look of, and watch/play whenever you want!


Drawing the Line

How to Win