Tell us about YOUR Lancaster

Hi there. Hidden Track are coming to Lancaster, and we want YOU to tell us about your city.

As part of The Dukes, Lancaster’s 50th anniversary celebration, we’re asking people to tell us how you think Lancaster has changed over your lifetime, and how you would like it to change in the future.

What's been lost?

What's been built?

Who does Lancaster work for?

Who SHOULD Lancaster work for?

How do YOU want Lancaster to look in another 50 years?

We want to hear your memories of Lancaster’s past, and hopes for Lancaster’s future.

We’ll share with you what people think is great about the city, what they think are its problems, and how they can imagine making things better.

And this April, we’ll give you the opportunity to put your solutions into action in our brand new live game The Price of Everything, where we give live and online audiences the chance to reshape Lancaster however they see fit.

Can you tell us everything great about Lancaster? Can we fix everything wrong with Lancaster?
And if we could fix everything… what would be the price?

We've got two ways you can give us your thoughts:

The easy form:

This is a quick and easy form for you to share whatever you want:

  • Funny stories¬†
  • Your favourite places to visit
  • Old memories
  • Things Lancaster does better than anyone else
  • Problems your city faces
  • Troubles you’ve had with Lancaster
  • How you want Lancaster to change

The HARDCORE form:

This form asks a few more questions, and gives you the opportunity to give us a bit more detail. Things like:

  • What buildings do you remember from Lancaster?
  • If you could invest money in one area of Lancaster, what would it be?
  • Who do you think lives in Lancaster?
  • Has the sort of people living in Lancaster changed?
  • What stops Lancaster changing for the better?
  • Is there anything making Lancaster change for the worse?
  • How many times have I used the bastard word ‘Lancaster’ so far on this page alone?

As a thank you for helping us out, we'd also like to give you access to some of our past live shows and online games, for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Check out our trailers, decide what you like the look of, and watch/play whenever you want!


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