The Price of Everything

Remote Workers

Hello. Thank you very much for joining us.
You have been personally selected to be one of our dedicated Remote Workers.

Our talent scouts have identified your excellent managerial skills, and ability to make decisions under pressure. We believe that you have the vision and tenacity needed to guide our performers and our Key Workers as we all work together to make Lancaster a better place.

The Price of Everything is an interactive performance/game show for simultaneous live and online players which interrogates the cost of living in Lancaster, and gives you the chance to change how your city works, and who your city works for.

On Thursday 14th April, our highly trained performers and economics experts will meet with a live audience of key workers on stage at The Dukes, Lancaster. Following your expert guidance, they will help to make Lancaster a better place – building new infrastructure, facilitating discussion, and occasionally throwing things at each other.

You will have the power to completely change where we go, what we build, and where our priorities lie.

Can we make a city that works for everyone?

You will be observing the action, and making important decisions on what they should do next, via an exciting, innovative new platform known as Zoom.
(Please try not to be overwhelmed at this incredible new technology)

You can enter our zoom waiting room from around 8:10pm.
Our performance will last from approximately 8:20-9pm.

In the meantime, we highly recommend updating to the latest zoom client, to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Periodically, you will be invited to vote on polls and interact with us via the chat – which will have lasting consequences on the events and audiences with us at The Dukes.

You will not be required to have your camera or microphones on when you are with us, but there will be opportunities to show us your faces if you so choose. You are free to watch from wherever you are, and interact as much or as little as you wish.

We highly recommend using Speaker View for the best possible experience.

Directed by Anoushka Bonwick
Written by Elliot Hughes

Performed by Emma MacLennan, Janelle Thompson, Elliot Hughes

Produced by Veronika Diamond
Technical Support by Jason Crouch & Richard Addlesee
Graphic Design by Pencil Bandit

Commissioned by The Dukes, Lancaster as part of The Dukes 50th Anniversary.

Supported by Arts Council England.